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More wordless days, and a change

It has been over two weeks since the last entry, a fact about which I am awfully embarrassed, I mean that’s hardly decent blogging. Well, the last week has been fantastic. We, that’s the Eastbourne Operatic and Dramatic Society, just … Continue reading

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A few wordless days

I haven’t written anything here since last week. So I’m making up for it now with this, just an update and a ramble of sorts, really. Like, for good measure? Yes. The music-writing is — how can I put it? … Continue reading

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Writing music

Writing music (both the words, and the piano) can be a great process. When it flows out effortlessly, it’s joyous. When one’s inspiration feels like an exhausted resource, the effort can be fatiguing. Yesterday I started writing two piano pieces, … Continue reading

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Review: Atlas Shrugged

Earlier, at ten o’clock, I was tucked up in bed, book in hand, with no remaining responsibilities, nothing to be turned off but the lamp within an arm’s reach. It’s now hours past midnight. Back while in bed, I was … Continue reading

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Sewing words

Introducing one of my many interests. Sewing! It’s something I’ve always had an interest in, but only taken up properly since discovering how to use my mother’s sewing machine. While being relatively bankrupt means that, since having obtained the skill … Continue reading

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Drowning in words

One of the motivations to write the words for this blog has been the oceans, vast¬†immeasurable tides – seas of limitless horizons – of words that there are already out there on this great Web of World Wide Words. This … Continue reading

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Shiny new blog

Welcome, my pretties, to the first post of a new blog, into which I hope to frequently write words in an order specifically engineered to evoke delight and wonder. Not often being one to sate an overzealous hunger for information … Continue reading

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