Sewing words

Introducing one of my many interests. Sewing! It’s something I’ve always had an interest in, but only taken up properly since discovering how to use my mother’s sewing machine. While being relatively bankrupt means that, since having obtained the skill a few weeks ago, I have had few opportunities to buy fabric with which to experiment; I’m hopefully going to be more proactive about my new-found venture in the future. So far from some old curtains I’ve made a pair of shorts that, while I am fairly sure they’ll fall apart within a few wear-ins, fit pretty well and have provided me with knowing precisely what I’ll need to do to make the next pair long-term wearable beauties. I’ve also made a short-sleeved shirt which although fairly well-done, is a little bit on the small-side.

Of course I’m keeping my eye on several sewing blogs which keep my interest sated given I’m not making anything at the moment. Summer – or whatever excuse thereof the weather system decides to produce this year – is almost upon us. I want to produce another shirt which is comfortable to wear and another pair of shorts, while experimenting with jeans, ties, t-shirts and (money and fabric-supplies permitting) a couple of pretty summer dresses of various cuts and styles for some of my female friends.

I’ll write a post about the next thing I make, and link photographs. Until then, goodbye!

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