Writing music

Writing music (both the words, and the piano) can be a great process. When it flows out effortlessly, it’s joyous. When one’s inspiration feels like an exhausted resource, the effort can be fatiguing. Yesterday I started writing two piano pieces, starting with a chord and melody, and playing out combinations of melodies, harmonies and chord progressions, listening for whichever ones sound the best and writing them down. I attribute the inefficient clunkiness of this process to the fact that I’m not in prime music-writing mood; there’s nothing flowing from my hands or my mind as it has in the past, lyrically or musically. And the stuff I write feels somewhat unoriginal, but I suppose I shouldn’t judge a piece when it has barely ten bars. My experience with writing music is relatively little, and I have yet to feel the pride in writing a finished song, so I’m hoping I can take these pieces all the way.


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