More wordless days, and a change

It has been over two weeks since the last entry, a fact about which I am awfully embarrassed, I mean that’s hardly decent blogging. Well, the last week has been fantastic. We, that’s the Eastbourne Operatic and Dramatic Society, just finished performing ‘Crazy for You‘ at the Devonshire Park theatre. It’s a fun musical, a collection of some great Gershwin show-tunes brought together by a pleasantly solid plot.

Our last performance was last night, the run of five evening and two matinée performances came and went so fast, as they always do. Quite a shame. It’s nice to have an empty schedule but I really will miss the rehearsing, the nerves, the dancing and signing, and most importantly the people. The after-show celebrations, (along with providing me the first occasion to drink alcohol in over a month) was a really good conclusion to it all, as much as that conclusion now brings those sad feelings of being apart from something loved. The next show is ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream‘ at the end of July, getting stuck into which I am, of course, looking forward to. I shall be playing Francis Flute which, along with bestowing the honour of reading my first Shakespeare play, gives the opportunity to see at least one or two of the Crazy for You cast. I have not acted in anything before, so I look forward to the opportunity to do so now.

The ‘change’ mentioned in my title is the fact that some time between now and the last entry I changed the title of my blog to ‘more than one thing’. I had the idea after considering just what it is I am: I am more than one thing. I am more than a guy who loves singing, who plays piano with occasional elegance and composes music with occasional progress; more than an amateur actor and performer who can’t reach above middle C without warming up and who sometimes sings off-key without realising. I am more than a man who spends a chunk of free time grappling with computers, with web design, with computer code and who nerds out over the mention of Moore and Turing. I am more than an anarchist libertarian capitalist who believes in the morality of money, the sovereignty of non-aggression and the rightness of liberty. I am more than a human being who falls in and out of love and desire, wants to be less wrong, has flaws and annoyances to learn and tame, who concocts the most laughably vicious of deprecations when looking in the mirror, and yearns for things I will never attain and is ignorant of things which one day might mean everything to me.

I am all of these things; and I am more than one thing. I am the first to acknowledge it’s all much less profound than it is obvious and overstated, but it is true and it was what came out when I sat down to write, so it’s staying in. Until the next time. O

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