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(N.B. on the title: having yet to produce a distinctive theme for the blog, this update might be an orphan of its kind, or a paradigm of the more and many of my future writings)

Today, I watched a fascinating talk by Michael Shermer, the author of ‘Mind of the Market’, about emergent bottom-up systems like evolved biology, and free markets, and the history of civilised humanity as a whole; and as well as about too much other stuff for me to recall fully, but that I remember was all engaging in content. It especially inspired me in a way that I have not recently been… for a while I’ve been heartlessly going through the motions of reading the blogs I subscribe to, as of a menial chore, though it oughtn’t be. So, to have reawoken within myself the sensation of a grander comprehension, like that which I have in days past acquired of natural selection and to an extent market economics, was a nice nostalgium, which I wish to make a more frequent feature of my education.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see the bigger picture. The fact that I typically only read, and do not write, means I am never forced to unify, cut up, reduce down, simplify, expand or apply any of the information that I acquire. I believe the information goes to waste, and I think it’s a mark of cognitive laziness to therelike consume and not produce, to read and not to write, and such a laziness as might lead to that most cardinal of intellectual sins; that is, to believe and not to probe. And even given that I believe to have critically analysed and filtered that which I have come to absorb as a part of my knowledge, how can I know that this knowledge has even forged a measurable part of my understanding? Therefore, I will force myself to provide some evidence that I have learnt in the future, and I can well imagine the results to manifest on this blog.

It is my intention that this be the ultimate paragraph, but I’ll conjure a small foreshadowing before I go. I’m a free-market libertarian, but (as I did when I was a newly-read atheist, hell-bent [excuse the pun] on exercising these fresh intellectual muscles of logic and reason) I find it difficult to defend my view with the same solidity as the firmness of my belief. So, I’m gonna write some stuff on micro-economics, the moral principles behind libertarianism, the pragmatic defences, et cetera, fairly shortly. Until then dudes and dudettes.

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