On Socialism

I’m an unemployed 18 year old, socialism should be my best friend, right? I should be thanking the state for all the wonderful economic methods it takes to allow creative, able young people to enter the market on any level, or else thankful that the state takes care of unqualified cripples like me under its hyper-inflated benefits-bosom. I’m not.

I have a mild inherent dislike of pretension to authority, and there is nothing like the pretension of socialism. I can trust any man who says he is living for himself but when they say they’re living for you, you’d better run for the hills. Of course they’re not living for you, they’re as self-interested as anyone else, and it’s the fact that they cannot admit that, even to themselves, that makes them dangerous. When a socialist says ‘nobody should be payed less than £5.80’, they justify the belief to themselves by saying, ‘more is of course better than less, if the poor unemployed masses can’t understand that then it’s up to me to enforce it, for their own sake’. Any employer who can’t match that is an exploitative egotist, no?

No, no, and no. I’d work for less than the minimum wage. Given the (artificial – don’t say there isn’t work to be done) deficit in jobs, to suggest that the price barrier is a good thing, is no less than wilful self-contradiction. To suggest that those egotistical employers they so often denounce, are wilfully withholding the creation of jobs against their own interests, is a similar, obvious lack of critique. After god-knows-how-long sitting at home for £0-an-hour, know that I’d work for much less than the minimum wage and it isn’t because I don’t understand exploitation. But even if I were to contract, to be in explicit agreement, with an employer that something less than the minimum wage be my earnings, it would be void under the minimum wage law, the employer would be threatened with prison if the police discovered my private pay-cheque.

Perhaps you’re a socialist. Ask yourself when it happened. Were you generally apathetic towards politics until you realised that there are actual issues out there, to be cared about? Your apathy was an unbeknownst virtue and you let it go. When you began believing that you cared you sold yourself out to looking good in front of your peers, or in front of your own falsely constructed conscience. No-one really cares about others on the only level that matters, the conscience. When you donate £5 to children in need, you do it because you care, not because you care. You do it to appease your own compulsion, your own belief in virtue. If you did not believe it then you would not do it, hence why the ‘you’ is the important word in the phrase; any act of morality is necessarily an act of ego. The pressure to conform leads the majority of people to go to lengths to signal that they care. People who have as much faith in centralised power as socialists are a vicious group, they will, if you’re clever ostracise, or if you’re not, ridicule you if you suggest there be another way of running things. There is a great pressure to the average college-attending 18 year old to hate selfishness. They will show you pictures of homeless people and tell you that it’s your egotism that causes every rot of society. Don’t believe it. All the people to have ever caused good for society did so because of their refusal to submit to society. Every worthwhile scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, investor, they were all pursuing their wants and goals and they did more good than any socialist has ever done. These are the people with the biggest brains and matching beliefs in their own sovereignty, the rightness, to do as they please. People given brains but no ego become politicians. Their beliefs become entangled with the sum of what the people want to hear. If they did not allow the submission of their principles, they would have no care for votes, and they would instead be the CEOs of companies, or innovators, doing material good. If you wonder why there is no-one competent in government, consider who’s electing them and by what standards.

Never stop questioning authority. Never believe something to look good. Never turn your back on your ego.

If you’re an employer and you’ve read this, contact me. I need the money, and if you need the labour, we’re friends.
If you’re a socialist, consider why you care, look at the more political among your friends and wonder whether or not they would be so vociferous if they had real jobs contributing to the country’s economy, the only system of virtue that is closed to the denunciation of self-esteem.
If you’re a politician who’s studied even a paragraph of economics, ask yourself when you sold out your principles for votes.

This rant was brought to you out of desperation.

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