Things I want to achieve

If I state publically the things I wish to achieve, there is more pressure to actually do them, for fear of appearing lazy or stupid! Therefore, I’ll go through a handful of the things I’d like to do or at least have started doing within the next three months. I want to upgrade from being multi-talented to being omni-talented. I am already basically unable to decide between routes for my life to take. I may as well be prepared for them all!

Regardless of my progress, I hereby promise to reprise this post on the 1st April 2011, exhibit my successes and excuse my failures. I will indicate my confidence in each goal as a rough probability:

  • To have composed a complete song for piano. Criterion: any piece longer than two minutes. Evidence: link to the music or to a performance. Confidence: (0.8).
  • To have completed and uploaded my personal website, advertising web development services. Evidence: link. Confidence: (0.7).
  • To have a job of some sort. Criterion: earning more than an average of £50 per week doing whatever it is. Evidence: the cost of my lying about this is pretty high and pretty imminent. Confidence: (0.6).
  • To have read three more Good Books. Criteria: a Good Book is a book that has been specifically recommended by either Trusted Academics or Respected Friends. A Good Book is a book from which I will learn at least a few Interesting Things and that I will Enjoy Much. Evidence: reviews. Confidence: (0.8).
  • To have learnt three more Good Songs on piano. Criterion: a Good Song will probably be by Stephen Sondheim if sung, or by a celebrated classical composer if music-orientated. I’m currently learning/attempting to learn (amongst others) Sondheim’s Being Alive, Chopin’s Revolutionary Étude and Beethoven’s Moonlight sonata, for the record. Throughout winter my hands may be too cold to play piano (let alone the Chopin!), however. Evidence: you’ll have to believe me/I’ll try to upload things. Confidence: (0.6).
  • To have learnt at least two songs on guitar. I can’t really play guitar, I have dexterous hands and I know a few chords; and I can memorise chords short-term and strum fairly adeptly. Evidence: my word. Confidence: (0.7).
  • To have written at least eight of the chapters for my Atlas Shrugged/Harry Potter crossover fan-fiction. Evidence: link. Confidence: (0.8).
  • To have written out more explicitly my musings on philosophy, morality, politics etc, which constantly plague my mind. Confidence: (0.6).
  • To do more drawing! I suck at drawing. I ought to suck less. Therefore I’ll aim to draw 5 pictures that don’t suck. Evidence: links. Confidence: (0.7).
  • To be less unfit! This one’s a tall order. And it might be unwise to attempt this amongst all the other things I plan to do. So I’m not gonna attach a great weight of confidence to it. I may achieve it through excessive dancing or through learning to sword-fight. Evidence: word of (my) mouth. Confidence: (0.2).

Looking forward to seeing how this goes! Also just generally looking forward to seeing if I am systematically over- or under-confident. You can probably use WordPress to email this to yourself somehow, and that will ensure that I don’t change any of these goals in the meanwhile. I’ll allow myself to edit and add to it before the end of December, however. If my probabilities have significantly changed for any of them, chances are the event will get its own blog post.

Ciao for now!

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