Government is bad, freedom is good: in one paragraph

The crux: it cannot be done. I propose the essence of politics is one-paragraph answers, one-paragraph arguments. If you could be convinced that liberty is absolutely good in a paragraph, you would quite probably be already convinced of it by now. The fact is that bad politics prevails because the good stuff takes longer to read; most people read the short stuff, and most people have bad politics. Imagine that there is a set of political arguments that are both convincing and false. In the current age, given the average person’s intelligence relative to all the dark influences and biases, whether or not a political belief prevails sadly relates not to its truth but to its convincingness.

This is why I’m not writing more stuff about politics! I can’t write something both convincing and true without missing stuff out, which is bad. If truth were as simple as it ought to be, delusions wouldn’t exist.

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