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Review: Flowers for Algernon

This American science fiction by Daniel Keyes, published as a short story in the 50s and released as a novel in the 60s (that which I read), depicts the life of mentally retarded Charlie Gordon, subject of a revolutionary surgery … Continue reading

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We Need More Government!

Look at the world around us. It isn’t in its current state for a lack of government and control: it’s so clearly out of control. We need as much government and regulation as we can get. Because of this, I … Continue reading

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Review: The Presentation of Self In Everyday Life

So I finished that book by Erving Goffman! It was cool. It was about signalling (i.e. the actions we perform to make people think we are who we say we are) and the world around that sociological phenomenon. About how … Continue reading

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All the best songs from musicals…

…are individualist/libertarian. (Ok not really but bear with me.) ‘Defying Gravity’ from Wicked? All about ego and defiance of the system! ‘No-one Is Alone’ from Into the Woods is all about personal responsibility, the relativity of values and morality. ‘Someone … Continue reading

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Some Philosophy

Ceteris paribus, the more powerful (able to model/manipulate more of reality) an individual lump of conscious reality is, the easier it will have its way. Therefore the precept of ‘might is right’, or ‘will to power’, are less about moral … Continue reading

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