Review: The Presentation of Self In Everyday Life

So I finished that book by Erving Goffman!

It was cool. It was about signalling (i.e. the actions we perform to make people think we are who we say we are) and the world around that sociological phenomenon. About how we regulate how we act, in order to portray a consistent image or character, be it in a job role in front of clients, or as an individual toward friends and family. Useful for the prolific anecdotal examples of the phenomenon of human relationships, analysed according to the idea of people’s identity being rigorously moderated performances. Not sure what else to say other than if you want to manifest a pair of internal glasses that help you perceive and understand social reality in a different light, read it.

I’m currently in the middle of Flowers for Algernon which will be the subject of my next review.

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