Review: Carmen 3D

So this is old news for me but I wanted to write something about it.

The other day, I saw Carmen at the cinema in 3D, a recording of a production by the Royal Opera House in London. Carmen’s a famous Opera by Bizet. If you don’t recognise the title or the composer you’ll still recognise some of the music. The Toreador’s theme is pretty well-known, as is ‘L’amour Est un Oiseau Rebelle’, the Habanera. At one point the female chorus seemed to be about to break into Beyonce’s Single Ladies but thankfully (?) that didn’t happen and it was instead just the introduction to the Chanson Boheme. The choreography was very good, augmented well by the cinematography of the filming, and the staging and set design were both beautiful and framed the opera skilfully.

As it was the first opera I’d seen, and I was unfamiliar with the plot, at first it was disorientating watching it as I didn’t know where to direct my attention or understand the broader musical picture of the plot. Watching it a second time was thus much more enjoyable. I recommend opera!

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