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Review: Carmen 3D

So this is old news for me but I wanted to write something about it. The other day, I saw Carmen at the cinema in 3D, a recording of a production by the Royal Opera House in London. Carmen’s a … Continue reading

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All the best songs from musicals…

…are individualist/libertarian. (Ok not really but bear with me.) ‘Defying Gravity’ from Wicked? All about ego and defiance of the system! ‘No-one Is Alone’ from Into the Woods is all about personal responsibility, the relativity of values and morality. ‘Someone … Continue reading

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Art and (not) science

Why do art and science mix so poorly? I’ve only heard a handful of genuinely artful songs that are even abstractly about science, but they cannot escape seeming self-conscious and didactic. A common thought, ‘I’m sure lyrics about pink petals … Continue reading

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Writing music

Writing music (both the words, and the piano) can be a great process. When it flows out effortlessly, it’s joyous. When one’s inspiration feels like an exhausted resource, the effort can be fatiguing. Yesterday I started writing two piano pieces, … Continue reading

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Review: Atlas Shrugged

Earlier, at ten o’clock, I was tucked up in bed, book in hand, with no remaining responsibilities, nothing to be turned off but the lamp within an arm’s reach. It’s now hours past midnight. Back while in bed, I was … Continue reading

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